RFC: Sub-Sea Pipeline Sensor

Technology Reserve is seeking know-how deposits and expert capabilities in the field of mechanical design for sub-sea sensors for oil and gas pipelines. 


A large portion of crude oil deposits lie offshore in deep sea water. Billions of barrels of oil are transported back to land by an extensive network of pipelines. These pipes must be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure continuous oil flow, as they may become clogged by deposits of paraffin waxes that fall out of the crude oil during transport.

State-of-the-art equipment for pipeline monitoring uses ultrasound, which can provide early indication of paraffin build-up, but cannot provide a full picture of blockages forming on the pipe’s interior.

Our client produces software used to generate 3D images of the interior of pipes. A sensor wraps around the pipe and uses either ultrasound or electrocapacitive measurements to identify the geometry of the substance inside the pipe walls. The software uses sophisticated algorithms to convert these measurements into an image of the inside of the pipes, in a process known as tomography.

Our client believes a sub-sea sensor using their 3-D tomography will enable more visibility into clogging of pipes, which will allow the optimization of maintenance. They see an opportunity to sell their devices for monitoring deep sea pipes, but do not have any design experience that would allow them to make a sealed system capable of withstanding the 1000 bars of pressure present for this application.

The client seeks expertise and know-how for construction of a sub-sea package to contain their sensor system. They need designs capable of withstanding sub-sea pressures, and integration into a system that gets the data out from the ocean floor and back to land for analysis.

An ideal expert will:

  • Have expertise in mechanical design of sub-sea sensors, rated up to 1000 bars pressure
  • Understand sub-sea natural gas pipes
Region of request: Europe
Will onsite work be required? No

 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com