RFC: Laser-Guided Arc Welding

The client’s goal is to improve their pipe production technology through the use of guided, automated arc-weld torches. 


Spiral welded pipes are used in a wide variety of industries to transport water, natural gas, and oil. Manufacturing of these pipes is a multiple- step process. First, sheet metal is wound into a spiral to form a large, long pipe and then it is welded along the seams to seal the pipe. Next, a cement mixture is applied to the inside of the pipe creating a liner to protect the pipe against corrosion. Lastly, the outer surface of the pipe is covered with polyethylene.

Technology Reserve’s client currently processes the welding of the pipe seam visually. Their production uses cameras that follow the weld head and provide data via monitors to an employee in a control room. They are looking to upgrade their system to add laser guides to keep the torches on the seam more accurately and ensure a better quality weld.

The client is seeking expertise in laser-guided spiral welding of pipes, to assist them in construction of a prototype system suitable for their next-generation welding lines.

An ideal expert partner will have:

  • Mechanicalanddesignexpertise in laser-guided systems
  • Softwarecontrolsexpertise
  • Capabilitytotransferdesignsand know-how to the client

Region of request: Europe


 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com