RFC: LED Luminaire Design

The client’s goal is to improve and diversify product lines in their existing LED lighting business. 


LED lighting provides the benefits of high-energy efficiency, superior brightness, long lifespan, and high reliability. LED lights emit less radiated heat as compared to other products, such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent tubes. Driven by energy-efficiency standards and energy conservation, LED lighting continues to see large growth both in replacement luminaires and in new devices and fixtures for residential, commercial, and specialized lighting applications.

The client currently sells LED luminaires into the Chinese market- place. While LED lighting was originally marketed with efficiency in mind, increasing competition in the marketplace has placed greater value on the aesthetic aspects of the luminaires. To compete, the client needs to redesign its luminaires to improve the design, taking into consideration optical and thermal constraints inherent to LED illumination.

Technology Reserve’s client seeks expertise in LED luminaire design to improve and expand its product lines. Expertise may be provided as custom design work for the client, or may include licensing a pre-existing design.

An ideal expert partner will have:

  • LED luminaire optical design expertise
  • LED luminaire thermal management (heat sink) expertise
  • LED luminaire industrial design expertise
  • LED luminaire driver integration experience
  • Ability to transfer necessary designs, IP, technology, and know-how to the client, and work in tandem with the client’s engineers to integrate solutions into their product manufacturing

Region of request: Asia


 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com