RFC: Improved UV-C LEDs

The client’s goal is to identify or develop a source for UV-C LEDs. 


Ultraviolet (UV) light, though outside the range of human vision, is harnessed for a variety of industrial uses including sterilization. The most energetic band of UV light is UV-C, which encompasses wavelengths from 100nm to 265nm. This set of wavelengths is optimal for applications such as water and air purification.

Currently, UV-C emitting LEDs are expensive and have low output, making them impractical for use in high-volume market segments such as agricultural or medical water treatment. As a result, traditional mercury and arc lamps that are inefficient and have short lifespans still dominate the market.

Technology Reserve’s client is a maker of LED assemblies and is seeking a partner for the co-development of UV-C LED systems.

An ideal expert partner will have:

  • Manufacturing capability that can be applied to UV-C LEDs
  • Interest in a joint development program to accelerate the manufacturing of UV-C LEDs
  • Ability to transfer the technology to Technology Reserve’s client, or otherwise ensure their participation in LED production

Region of request: Asia


 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com