RFC: Production of Insulated Hot Beverage Cups

The client’s goal is to source material and methods for manufacturing insulated “bubble” cups for hot beverages. 


Takeaway hot beverage cups are most frequently composed of cardboard with a lining to prevent the liquid from permeating the paper. These cups are not thermally insulated and usually require an extra sleeve to provide protection from the hot liquid. Carrying the cup by itself can be uncomfortable, but the sleeves are not aesthetically pleasing and simpler constructions are desirable.

Technology Reserve’s client would like to manufacture paper cups that have insulation built into the cup itself.

The client is seeking to source material and manufacturing know-how for making hot beverage cups that have an integrated insulation layer on the outside of the cup and maintain a smooth interior.

An ideal expert partner will have:

  • Beverage container design expertise
  • Proven experience with manufacturing cups for hot beverages
  • Expertise with polyethylene and paper laminates

Region of request: Asia


 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com