RFC: Packaging Design for Instant Noodles

The client’s goal is to improve the shelf life of their instant noodle food product by developing a better packaging design. 


A properly designed package serves many different functions at once. Food packaging is a platform for advertising, protects the contents from the environment and, in some cases, also functions as a serving container. Instant noodle bowls must be robust enough to handle boiling water or microwaving during preparation, yet must also be easily opened by a customer. And in addition, a proper design must also consider how the package behaves during storage, to ensure the product has an acceptable shelf life.

Technology Reserve’s client is a producer of instant noodles. Their current packaging meets all their requirements for serving use, but only produces a shelf life of 180 to 270 days. Interaction with water vapor in the air represents the most significant limitation to shelf life, since polyethylene and many other inexpensive package materials are moisture permeable, and exposure to water vapor deteriorates the package contents.

To extend the shelf life of the noodles, the client is seeking improved packaging materials, materials combinations, and/or package designs with reduced permeability. Critically, this packaging must be easy to open and compatible with all use cases for the product.

An ideal expert partner will have:

  • Food packaging expertise.
  • Ability to demonstrate technology proven to extend shelf life.
  • Successful packaging redesign experience.

Region of request: Asia


 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com