RFC: Fiber-optic Plate Manufacturing and Quality Control

Technology Reserve is seeking expertise, know-how, and technology deposits in fiber-optic plate manufacture with emphasis on quality control. 


Fiber-optic plates are used to precisely route and manipulate light in displays, medical imaging systems, low-light imaging operations, and applications requiring high image fidelity. In creating fiber-optic plates, individual optical fibers are bundled, fused and formed into one of several configurations, including: fiber-optic faceplates to precisely transfer an image; fiber-optic tapers to magnify or reduce an image; and fiber-optic inverters to rotate an image.

Fiber-optic plate manufacturers carefully control materials composition and manufacturing processes to meet the stringent quality standards of the industries they serve. And to remain competitive, manufacturers precisely select the composition of the rare-earth (Lanthanide) source materials, accurately polish the faces of the plates (preferably using automated processes), and control temperature in the drawing and twisting of heated fiber-optic plates to form fiber-optic tapers and inverters. Suppliers who demonstrate minimal losses, blemishes, and image distortion command a premium price in the marketplace.

Technology Reserve’s client seeks expertise in the quality control of fiber- optic plate manufacturing to improve and expand their current capabilities and product lines.

Key Capabilities:

  • Assess and advise in the selection and qualification of fiber-optic equipment
  • Develop quality control procedures
  • Transfer the necessary IP, technology, and know-how to the client, and work in tandem with the client’s engineers to integrate solutions into their product manufacturing

An ideal expert partner will:

  • Manual and automated fiber-optic plate polishing experience
  • Fiber-optic taper drawing and forming experience
  • Methods to formulate and process Lanthanide glass raw materials

 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com