RFC: Thermostatic Cartridge Valve Manufacturer

Technology Reserve is seeking Technology Packages, know-how deposits, and expert capabilities in thermostatic cartridge design for water temperature regulation. 


Modern shower fixtures monitor the heat of the water and eliminate the need for manual adjustment to find the perfect temperature. Thermostatic regulation is popular in Europe and, if production costs can be reduced, could expand into rapidly developing markets.

A thermostatic mixing valve is designed to achieve a preset temperature. The industry-standard solution uses a wax thermostatic element that expands and contracts as the temperature rises and falls. This change automatically regulates the ratio of hot and cold water allowed through the faucet, ensuring constant temperature output even if the temperature of the input water fluctuates. Other alternative regulating mechanisms include bimetallic strips and cutting-edge materials such as shape memory alloys to maintain consistent temperature.

Currently, Technology Reserve’s client has a European source for reliable thermostatic cartridges and the client’s product is successful in Europe. In order to access a new market in China, the client is seeking a more competitive price point for the cartridge component. A successful thermostatic mixer for this market must be able to accommodate the high-particle loading of Chinese water, which can cause loss of precision in temperature changes and increased failure of the cartridges. European-made cartridges are reliable, but expensive, while Chinese-manufactured components are cheaper, but are less reliable, lower quality, and tend to clog more easily.

Technology Reserve’s client seeks expertise in thermostatic mixing cartridges for shower fixtures. To assist the client’s entry into the Chinese market, it seeks either a low cost supplier of quality thermostatic cartridges, or assistance from an expert to help initiate manufacturing of the component at the client’s facility.

Key Capabilities:

Offer low-price thermostatic cartridges and/ or provide know-how for manufacturing cartridges with the following qualities:

  • Faster response time to temperature change
  • Greater precision in temperature automation
  • Increased ability to withstand the impurities of Chinese water

An ideal expert partner will:

  • Have a mature technology that can function at scale
  • Offer a thermostatic cartridge deployable in both China and Europe
  • Have a low unit cost
  • Transfer the basic operational know-how to the client and work in tandem with the client’s engineers to integrate a solution into their next-generation product

 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com