RFC: Next-generation Waste Treatment Plant

Technology Reserve is seeking expert capabilities, know-how deposits, and Technology Packages in the field of municipal waste remediation.


Thanks to an urban population that is growing faster than municipal infra- structure can keep up, Chinese cities are choked by waste. Historically, municipalities in China have incinerated their garbage, both eliminating the need to dump large quantities of waste in landfills and generating energy from combustion. However, Chinese cities do not typically separate their waste streams, so thousands of tons of toxic trash are burnt continually, resulting in high levels of toxins in the air, water, and surrounding agricultural lands. These high levels of pollution are a danger to human health and significantly harm the quality of life of city dwellers throughout China.

Technology Reserve’s client is seeking alternatives to municipal waste incineration that generate energy and destroy garbage without unacceptable levels of pollution. Technologies must scale, in large or modular installations, to handle 4000 tons of waste per day. The government of a large city in China will be the lead investor in the construction of full-scale waste treatment plants. Once a suitable technology is identified, the project implementation is expected to complete within two to three years.

TR’s client has already investigated experimental approaches, and is seeking a technology that has been proven at the pilot scale, preferably in municipal use.

Key Capabilities:

  • Have a mature and proven (pilot stage) technology for municipal waste treatment that can function at scale.
  • Demonstrate a waste treatment technology accommodating mixed waste streams.

An ideal expert partner will:

  • Offer methods that convert waste to energy and substantially reduce toxic emissions compared with conventional incineration
  • Employ waste remediation techniques that efficiently reduce the volume of waste
  • Develop modular equipment designs that can be deployed both at a large facility or in residential areas
  • Transfer the basic operational know-how to the client
  • Work in tandem with the client to develop a solution for the end user

 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com