RFC: Smart Grow Lighting for Poultry

Technology Reserve is seeking Technology Packages, know-how deposits, and expert capabilities in the field of poultry sciences with interest specifically on the effect of light on poultry 


Numerous variables affect plant and animal systems, including light, temperature, humidity, pH, water, and air quality. For poultry, light may play an important role, not only in growth rates, but also in overall health and egg production. It may be possible to optimize productivity and quality and accelerate growth by adjusting duration of exposure, specific wavelength, and/or intensity of light. While research in the scientific literature shows that light exposure at different wavelengths can in fact affect chicken growth, the results are conflicting. There is no consensus on which light spectrum best serves the client’s needs for growing chickens faster and maintaining a quality product.

Technology Reserve’s client seeks expertise in lighting solutions for accelerating chicken maturation and increasing productivity.

Key Capabilities:

  • Expertise in chicken husbandry
  • Proven results in altering light exposure to enhance growth rates, quality, and/or productivity for chickens

An ideal expert partner will:

  • Have proven techniques for enhancing chicken maturation/ productivity
  • Be able to transfer the basic operational know-how to the client

 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com