RFC: Electrocardiogram (ECG) Systems Design

Technology Reserve is seeking know-how deposits and Technology Packages in the field of Electrocardiogram (ECG) systems design. 


An ECG is a commonly used, non-invasive test that records the heart’s electrical activity. An ECG is often used as a first step in diagnosis of heart problems. To capture ECG traces, electrodes are applied to the skin of a patient’s chest, arms, and legs, and connected to electronics that record the electrical signals of the heart’s function. Analysis of an ECG trace provides information on heart rate, the existence of steady or irregular heart rhythms, and detailed information on the heart’s electrical performance.

Compact electronics and advances in wireless technology have, over the last decade, made it possible to monitor ECG traces of patients while they move about during their daily lives. Such continuous ECG monitoring has become a standard tool for cardiac care, enabling identi- fication and cataloging of rare, possibly life-threatening cardiac events that are unlikely to occur during a short hospital visit. However, the trans- formation of a large piece of clinical equipment to a portable device has required some compromises in capabilities. Portable ECG technology still must make strides to process and transmit real-time data wirelessly and achieve the same signal quality seen in a controlled, clinical setting.

Technology Reserve’s client seeks expertise in ECG systems design, with particular interest in analog and digital signal processing technologies and portable electronics design.

Key Capabilities:

  • ECG systems and analog / digital signal processing experience
  • Battery selection and power optimization experience
  • Experience with data transmission and compression technologies

An ideal expert partner will:

  • Transfer the necessary IP and technology know-how to the client
  • Work in tandem with the client’s engineers to integrate solutions into their product manufacturing

 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com