RFC: Drying Processes in Web Coating

Technology Reserve is seeking Technology Packages and expert know-how in the field of drying processes in web coating.


The roll-to-roll coating process produces thin laminate films with tremendous throughput and operating speeds from 3 to >30 meters per second. The bottleneck in the production is the required drying process, especially when using a water-based coating. IR lamps can be used for rapid drying, but they can produce very high local temperatures that destroy thermally unstable films. Another potential solution is to blow hot air across a newly coated substrate, but this may not be sufficient to keep up with high process speeds.

Technology Reserve’s client is seeking new technical solutions for drying coatings in a web-based / roll-to-roll process. The solution must be capable of removing 10 grams of water per square meter of material surface, completing the drying process in 0.5 seconds or less. Critically, it cannot heat the surface of the film to > 100°C, nor use compressed air of >7 bar in pressure. Any solution must comply with CE Marking requirements, and proven in production.

Key Capabilities:

  • Have developed a solution for drying coatings in a roll-to-roll process, with temperatures not to exceed 100°C and drying capability of > 10g water per square meter in < 0.5 seconds
  • Comply with CE Marking requirements

An expert team will:

  • Provide documentation on the performance of the proposed drying process equipment in a manufacturing environment
  • Assist client in integrating this equipment into their production line

 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com