RFC: Digital MRI

Technology Reserve is seeking Technology Packages and expert know-how in the field of digital MRI.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems map the composition of a patient’s anatomy by probing its response to radio frequency (Rf) energy in the presence of a magnetic field. The performance of an MRI is limited in part by the strength of the Rf signal measured by the receiving coils and transmitted back for analysis. In recent MRI designs, one of the most significant sources of signal degradation has been found to be in the analog cabling that connects the receiving coils to the central computer.

One solution to reduce the noise that creeps into the MRI signal would be to digitize the signal at the coils themselves, so it can be communicated with no degradation from electrical or magnetic noise. Digitization enables transmission by fiber optics (which are not perturbed by a magnetic field) or potentially by wireless protocols if countermeasures against EM interference can be incorporated.

Technology Reserve’s client seeks support to develop digital process- ing at MRI coils. Capabilities of interest include Rf design, magnetic coil design, analogue-digital conversion technologies, high-speed serial data transfer, wireless data transfer, optical interconnection, and analog noise reduction.

Key Capabilities:

  • A/D conversion
  • High speed serial data transfer
  • Optical interconnection
  • Digital data processing for MRI

An expert team will:

  • Deposit the know-how to deliver an architecture, diagram, component and vendors list, software, and a functional prototype system
  • Deposit a Technology Package that includes all of the necessary IP and basic design know-how
  • Develop a schedule to work in tandem with the client’s engineers to integrate the solution into their next-generation product
  • Participate in the solving, packaging, assembly, or management of this project

 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com