RFC: Wireless Sensor Networks

Technology Reserve seeks know-how deposits and Technology Packages in the field of wireless sensor networks. 


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a world where physical objects are seamlessly integrated into an Internet-like structure, gathering data without human aid. According to Gartner, Inc., the IoT will be nearly 26 billion devices strong by 2020, with wirelessly-connected devices measuring and optimizing a room’s temperature, subtly changing lighting to specification, even diagnosing a leaky faucet. By uploading data from cheap sensors and analyzing it in the cloud, every device in the world can become more efficient.

This wave of the future hasn’t hit the shore yet, mainly because connecting all of these devices and keeping them powered remains a major challenge. New innovations in sensors mean that tiny devices can capture libraries worth of data, but without power to upload the informa- tion to the cloud the data remains stranded at the device, inaccessible.

Technology Reserve’s client seeks support to enhance their existing sensors with low-power wireless communications capabilities. Capabilities of interest include Rf design, low-power design, and data collection and analysis. An example of an acceptable technical solution would include UHF band passive RFID, where multiple sensors are energized by a separately powered reader. Active RFID and similar technologies that draw power from the sensor’s existing battery may function in this application if they do not significantly reduce battery life or increase unit cost. Metrics for evaluating overall solutions include cost, broadcast range, power consumption, and simplicity of accessing the collected data.

Key Capabilities:

  • Rf design expertise
  • Low-power circuit design expertise
  • Familiarity with regulations surrounding the use of wireless communication in a medical environment
  • A track record of designing for manufacturing
  • Web application design

An expert team will:

  • Deposit the know-how to deliver a functional prototype demonstrating low or no-power consumption at the sensor, with a low cost per unit
  • Deposit a Technology Package that includes all of the necessary IP and basic design know-how
  • Develop a schedule to work in tandem with the client’s engineers to integrate the solution into their next-generation product
  • Participate in the solving, packaging, assembly, or management of this project

 For inquiries, contact Astha Vijay, astha@techreserve.com